About Magnar Moland

Focus on quality and good craftsmanship!

Magnar Moland has 16 years of experience in the carpentry profession. At his former employer Johnny Jensen AS Magnar has had the role of carpenter forman and thus been the leader of several carpenters and coordinated larger projects. This
the role has given him a lot of experience in coordinating work and working with other occupational groups from start to finish of a project.

He has experience from major projects consisting of unique architectural houses and cottages in Kragerø archipelago, total renovations, renovations and small jobs.

Quality craftsmanship and satisfied customers are the most important thing! Magnar Moland is values good craftsmanship, accuracy and that the customer is satisfied .

He does whatever he can to fill the wishes or the challenges that customers bring, whether it is building unique space-built
furniture or solving building technical challenges.

Magnar Moland vaules quality, has experience and is
reliable. As a customer, you can rest assured that your job, and price, will be as agreed!

Carpenter Magnar Moland: +47 92 68 48 25



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